Frequently Asked Questions

One portion is completed ONLINE at your own pace, provided it is completed prior to Part 2 which is the hands-on “check-off” portion.

Depending on the class selected your ONLINE portion will take approximately 2- 4 hours. The final portion is considered the “proof of proficiency” and includes a hands-on check off. This portion will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

When class is completed including the mandatory “proof of proficiency” – hands-on check off. The cards are released within 24 hours of completion via the email provided.
Certifications are good for 2 years unless your organization requires an annual renewal.

That is determined at the time of class scheduling. The options would include an On-Site live or a Virtual live option.

The classes we provide are approved by ASHI, Red Cross and American Heart. These are the 3 governing bodies of this type of training in the U.S.

This is typically referring to the “get certified for $19.00” organizations that are not nationally accredited by the 3 governing bodies of this field of training- ASHI, Red Cross and American Heart. These types of organizations do NOT include the mandatory “proof of proficiency” – hands-on check off. Hence, why they are not readily accepted by most employers.
Either phone call the old fashioned way- or use our Contact Us form. By filling out the information requested we are better able to accommodate your needs.

YES! We have a 5 person minimum for onsite training classes. We also customize a schedule for a blended virtual live training. We send the proper ratio of instructors to students as required by the governing bodies- ASHI, Red Cross, American Heart.

When contacting us please have several dates and times options available. We then align with our numerous instructors to accommodate the best fit date. We prefer a 2 week notice but occasionally can accommodate a shorter timeline.

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